The International Cyber Academy is an innovative educational environment with the mission to create opportunities for individuals seeking world-class professional qualifications and the skills required in the modern digital world. Graduates of the Cyber Academy will have the knowledge and competences — in line with international standards — that are needed to meet the latest labor market demands. The academy is also for specialists who already work in the fields of digital technology and cybersecurity and want to advance their skills.

We are oriented first and foremost toward the labor market for cybersecurity and data analysis — two of the fastest-growing market segments.

Our courses and programs are intensive, taking up to three months and culminating in tests, certifications, and recommendations for employers. 

The International Cyber Academy was founded by visionaries with considerable hands-on experience in tech, cybersecurity, and data analysis. The academy’s Advisory Board members, experts, and instructors are leading specialists from the USA, Estonia, Canada, Japan, the UK, Ireland, Lithuania, Georgia, and Ukraine. Our partners include global training platforms, international companies, and universities with cybersecurity programs.