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We’ve created

an innovative environment to give birth to

a new generation of professionals

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We focus on the fastest-growing segment of the labor market — cybersecurity. According to a study by (ICS)2 and Frost & Sullivan, there will be 1.8 million job vacancies in the cybersecurity sector worldwide by 2022.


We teach the competences that

will be most demanded by tomorrow’s employers but that

are not included in the academic programs of Ukrainian universities.


We train specialists quickly — our courses and programs take up to three months, ending in a test, certification, and recommendations for employers. With the International Cyber Academy, you don’t need to spend four or five years studying to get a job.


We partner with banks - a loan program will soon be available to students. This will allow those who feel more comfortable paying tuition in installments, including upon employment, to develop their competences.


We help talented individuals — our most successful students can count on a scholarship. Scholarship amounts and the number of scholarships available will depend on a student’s motivation and academic success.


Our programs are not designed to replace a standard university degree. We aim to upgrade competences, bringing them in line with employers’ requirements and enabling our graduates to quickly find high-paying jobs in Ukraine and around the world.







as the foundation of security in a digital environment

This program offers employee testing on the CybExer online platform to measure cyber hygiene competence, three levels of employee training as part of the Cyber Hygiene program, periodic checks of acquired knowledge and skills with simulated phishing attacks, special-purpose training to tackle the most problematic aspects of cyber hygiene, and continuing online support and staff motivation.



to investigate financial crimes involving cryptocurrencies

This program familiarizes students with technologies for investigating financial crimes committed using blockchain technologies and teaches the use of technical means to combat money laundering and investigate cryptocurrency-based financial crimes. Students will also learn how to apply Crystal (Europol) tools to investigate cryptocurrency crimes.



and information space management

This program provides a systematic understanding of how information originates and is disseminated as well as an understanding of information risks, open-source intelligence, and forecasting. Students will develop new competences in applying technical means for organizational communications, learn how to use the attackindex.com service to find information threats and determine their resonance, and develop skills in decision-making when faced with hybrid risks.


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The Digital Transformation Coalition coordinates partner initiatives in the digital development of Ukraine and its integration into the European digital space. Digital transformation of the economy and society is a significant factor behind economic growth, job creation, quality of life improvements, and the development of democracy in Ukraine.

Development of

the National Digital Transformation Coalition

Formation of the Cybercrime Investigation Body of Knowledge (CIBOK)

CIBOK is intended to coordinate and share the knowledge, techniques, and approaches needed to investigate cybercrimes, including the systematic management of cybercrime investigation resources and personnel.

Information Campaign

As part of the #ПарольГраєРоль [#PasswordsMatter] campaign, the cyberukraine.in.ua online platform was launched to teach rules for creating strong passwords and make people aware of common password mistakes. This campaign also involved street events in Ukraine’s four largest cities, offering passersby the opportunity to play an interactive game to check the strength of their passwords.



Bill Gates :)

“Yes, stability and education are important — I’m not taking anything away from that — but innovation is the real driver of progress.”


Steve Jobs  :)

“Let’s go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday.”

Mark Zuckerberg :)

“In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”



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